Veteran Owned and Operated

est. 2020

We obsess over the details.

YOU DESERVE THE BEST! Our breeding stock has been carefully selected to accomplish our goal of creating America's best crested geckos.

Veteran Discountwe offer a 20% discount to all veterens and first responders!!!if you are a veteran placing an order with us please contact us with the subject being "Veteran discount" and provide proof of service.
IE. dd214, drivers liscense etc.
if you are a first responder (Fire fighter, Police, nurse or doctor) placing an order with us please contact us with the subject being "first responder discount" and provide proof of service.
IE. work badge, photo on job etc.
our veteran discount is permanent! applicable to any of my in house productions available! I cannot sell geckos I have purchased for less than what I got them for so the discount cannot go any lower than the original purchase price.
this discount will not stack with seasonal sales but we will offer free shipping to veterans and first responders if it isn't part of the seasonal sale already!
if you have made a purchase with us in the past before we officially implemented this discount, we cannot retroactively fulfill this discount with a partial refund. if you have made a purchase with us currently and didn't know about this discount we cannot retroactively fulfill this discount with a partial refund because it is your responsibility as the buyer to read our terms before ever making a purchase.Payment Methodwe do not use paypal
we accept: zelle, cashapp, credit/debit card, bank transfer, carrier pigeon, and venmo in rare cases.
We will entertain reasonable offers or trades!
ShippingWe ship all orders via FedEx with Ship Your Reptiles. Shipping charges range from $50-$70. (MANY animals can be sent in one order and multiple orders may be combined to save on shipping)
We ship Monday - Thursday. safe shipping temperatures are 35F - 88F. in rare cases i can ship in 90F+ but it will be an additional $15 for the more expensive insulation and materials needed to keep the gecko(s) safe. Threatening us with bad reviews or negative posts on social media because we wont ship in dangerous weather will result in you being banned from doing business with us in any manner in the future. We value the lives of our animals more than your business.
International ShippingWe can ship all over the world. Just tell us your preffered importer/exporter and provide all of their contact info. Import fees will be paid by the customer.Payment plans are available, as outlined below. International shipping does carry a higher risk than domestic shipping, so there is no live arrival garruntee past the importer we ship to in america.Live Arrival GuaranteeLive arrival is guaranteed only when
- Temps are safe. 35F - 88F . We usually check the temperatures before booking any shipments and will hold any shipments we consider not to be safe. Guaranteeing proper shipping temperatures in your area is YOUR responsibility. We may choose to not ship your animal at any time if we feel it is unsafe. Please check your weather prior to scheduling a shipment. If you do not have safe shipping temperatures at the time of your purchase we are happy to hold your animal(s) until safe shipping weather is reached, at no charge extra charge.
- The buyer must be present within 2 hours of the animals arrival! This is not to make things harder for you, this is to ensure the safety of the animal as shipment is a very stressful event and the animal should be picked up and verified that its alive as soon as possible. If a shipment is delayed for any reason your animal(s) will continue to be cared for at no additional cost to you.- if you did not purchase Ship Your Reptiles insurance and your package is delayed in transit, this voids our Live Arrival Guarantee. It is $2.50 per $100 of value. SO you must assume the risk if you choose not to pay for the insurance.- we require our animals to be shipped to a fedex hub near you. All we need is your zipcode and we will verify with you which hub is closest. in rare cases we may ship to your home, such as if there is no hub near you. but this will be on a case by case basis.D.O.A’sIn the rare case you receive an animal that died during shipment, you must contact us within 1 hour of delivery! Photographic evidence will be required in all cases. if the shipment followed all of our live arrival garruntee conditions then compensation will be issued in the form of either a comparable replacement animal, or store credit. Refunds will not be given under any circumstances.Tail DropsA crested gecko dropping its tail in shipment is rare. but crested geckos dropping tails is quite common. this does not reduce any inherent value, nor impede on its quality of life in any way. if this happens during shipment we are not responsible for it and will not offer any partial refunds or returns.Sexing Policy/Pore Sexingwhile we do not use pore sexing as a reliable method of identifying young male and female crested geckos. we will check if it is requested. there are no garruntees on pore sexing.All geckos are considered unsexed until they show obvious signs of being male, or reach a size that we are comfortable confirming them to be females.Gecko ColorsWe provide clear and accurate photos and video of each gecko for sale. Robby has over 5 years experience as a proffessional cinematographer, specializing in color grading and color science. our photos always represent the geckos in the most accurate way possible. That being said, we offer no guarantees on color. Crested Geckos can change color drastically for a large number of reasons, not including what light you are viewing them under (IE. sunlight, fluorescent, led etc.). The gecko you see on the website is what your gecko will look like in person.Payment PlansWe offer payment plans for orders ONLY under the following terms.
- 25% of total purchase price (including shipping) as a down payment.
- 30 days to complete payment in full.
- Down payments are non-refundable. If full payment is not made at the end of 30 days, the down payment is forfeited.
- If full payment is not made at the end of 30 days, any amount paid over the down payment is converted to store credit only.
- we do not send invoices or bills.
- discount codes are NOT valid on payment plans. Coupon codes are only good for orders paid in full at the time of purchase.
*Except for veterans
- orders payed in full will always take priority over payment plan orders. Unless a deposit has been sent, all animals are available on a first come first serve basis. No animals are held without payment ever.
Local PickupLocal pickups can be arranged on a case by case basis. Please contact me via email to arrange a local pickup in the new braunfels or san marcos area.